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About Us

Here is our work bench where your electric guitar pickups are made to perfection.

Cpickups work station



  We started our company in 2011 specializing in custom and authentic sounding electric guitar pickups, Cellino’s Hand Wound Pickups, delivers exactly the sound you are looking for! Every electric guitar pickup is specially hand made and hand wound here in Phoenix, Arizona by Nick Cellino to meet our customers’ specific needs and satisfaction.

  My vintage pickups produce a clear rich authentic vintage sound. I can produce authentic sounding pickups for Stratocasters from as early as 1954 through 1967 as well as vintage Telecaster.

I can also repair any of your “dead” pickups(check out my repair page for more info).Please feel free to contact me and let me know what kind of sound you are looking for, that way we can work together to make sure that your set of custom hand wound pickups come out and sound AWESOME!!!

 About Nick

Nick grew up around guitars and music starting as a preschooler when he went to Arizona Music Center in Phoenix, AZ everyday with his father, Chuck Cellino luthier extraordinaire.

Pickups interested Nick and he found that he has a talent for winding them and creating a unique sound that most musicians look all over for. (His first pickup wind was better than his father's) Nick’s pickups have an even tight wind that allows him to produce more winds and creates very hot pickups.