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 Are Cellino’s pickups potted?

 Yes, our pickups (excluding Humbucker Styles) are solidified with lacquer just as the first pickups ever made were.

Why do you only accept PayPal as a payment method?

 We utilize PayPal to help protect our customers’ payment information. PayPal is the most secure payment method we found and the most trusted payment option for our customers.

Do you offer any Nashville Style Pickup Sets?

 Our Authorized Dealer Atlanta Vintage Guitars is the only store that carries our Nashville Style Pickups. You can purchase them at www.atlantavintageguitars.com.

Check out this video from AVG!

What does RWRP mean and why is it important?

 RWRP stands for Reverse Wound Reverse Polarity. We have RWRP pickups in all our sets to give our customers pickups that have a “hum” canceling effect that makes sure our pickups are in phase with one another.

Do your pickups come with installation hardware?

 Only our Humbucker and P-90 Style pickups come with installation hardware. Our single coil pickups are made to replace existing guitar pickups so they DO NOT come with installation hardware at this time.

Where can I find a wiring diagram for your pickups?

Our pickups are made with the standard wiring in mind. We also label the wires inside of the box to help with installation.

Do you offer International sales?

 Yes, we mail all of our International sales with USPS Priority Mail International Flate Rate that offers delivery in 6 to 10 business days based on origin and destination.

What kind of magnets do you use in your pickups?

 All of our pickups are made with Alnico 5 magnets.