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Do you have an original vintage guitar or bass and the pickups are dead but don't want to replace the pickups?


Not only will your vintage guitar or bass play but the instrument will retain it's original vintage value by restoring the original vintage pickups.

You can send me just the dead pickup or the guitar. If you send the whole guitar it is YOUR responsibility for shipping and insuring the guitar BOTH WAYS. There will be a $25.00 per pickup fee* for removing and reinstalling pickups from guitars shipped. *Certain guitar models may cost extra.

Here are some repairs and customer feedback


Repair- DeArmond Gold Foil Mustache (Out Of A Harmony Rocket)

"Nick used his specialized talents to rewind a vintage DeArmond pickup for

me. The Old Harmony Rocket lives again with its original sound. He's

professional, fast, and follows up on the delivery." - 01/16/13 - Jack Koonce



Rickenbacker Bass - 4001 Series


Telecaster© Neck 1970


Old Bass Pickup Repair